Little Liar


These are free images from Rosaleen Young, featuring a schoolgirll spanking scene 

Rosaleen Young was a young schoolgirl who had always been a good student and never caused any trouble. But today, she was about to find out that her step-daddy, Mister Laker, was not the kind of man to tolerate any kind of disobedience.

It had started when Rosaleen had come home late from school, ignoring her step-daddy’s warnings to be home before six. She had thought that he wouldn’t be home until later in the evening and had decided to take her time walking home, but it was not to be. When she got home, Mister Laker was waiting for her, and he was not happy.

He had asked her why she was late, and she had been too embarrassed to tell him the truth, so she had made up a story about being held up by her teacher. Mister Laker did not believe her, and he had told her that she was going to get a spanking for her disobedience. She had tried to plead with him, but he was adamant.

Rosaleen was terrified, but she had reluctantly gone over his lap and had been surprised to feel the warmth of his hand on her blue serge school knickers. He had then proceeded to give her a good spanking, smacking her bare bottom hard with his hand until she was in tears.

When he was finished, he told her to stand up and pulled down her knickers, exposing her bare bottom. He then gave her another spanking, this time with his hand, and told her that she was not to disobey him ever again.

Rosaleen was so embarrassed and ashamed that she had not been able to look him in the eye for the rest of the evening. She had gone to bed that night feeling humiliated and upset, but she had also learnt her lesson. From that day on, she had been a model student, and she had never been late home again.

Mister Laker had been strict but fair, and Rosaleen had grown to understand that he had only spanked her because he cared about her and wanted her to learn from her mistakes. She had also learnt that sometimes, a good spanking was all that was needed to set someone on the right path.

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