Dirty Defiler Disciplined – Video

Free Video with Lily Swan from from AAA Spanking.

This is another in our excellent ‘Catholic Discipline’ series of films where strict religious educational establishments deal with the wayward young girls in their care. Lily Swan has been confined to her room after being punished earlier that day and she is bored and annoyed that the only sounds she can hear are the continual singing of the nuns at choir practice. It’s not long before other noises are heard, but of ecstatic moaning coming from Lily’s room….

And she is caught by Mr. Osborne with her pajama pants pulled down and her fingers dipping into her ‘devil’s gateway’ reading what appears to be contraband and highly illicit BDSM literature! He is deeply ashamed of her and doesn’t know where to look… But one thing is for certain, Miss Swan is to receive yet more punishment by his hand. He scolds her for her filthy ways as she is spanked over her pajamas then onto her bare bottom.

The dirty girl isn’t even wearing any regulation hessian panties (no doubt they itched too much). A passing nun, Sister Evans, is required to witness Lily’s further punishments and asked to bring the prayer kneeler and some implements. Lily’s now very red bare bottom is subjected to yet more punishments from a double leather strap, a stinging leather flapper and a nasty looking carpet beater which Sister Evans wanted to see used on this troublesome girl’s behind.

Lily is embarrassed as she takes her position on the kneeler with Sister Evans watching piously and remarking on the unfolding discipline. Each implement is used, saving the carpet beater until last. By now, Lily is one sorry looking sobbing girl, she is told to remain on the kneeler facing the wall as both Sister Evans and Mr. Osborne find more staff to search this dirty defiler’s room more thoroughly for any filthy contraband literature that may be hidden. May the Lord have mercy on her aching bottom as the nuns continue to praise him in song! For those that enjoy the catholic style discipline theme, this is a must-have to add to an ever-growing library of spanking erotica.

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