Lola Marie Spanked & Soaped – Video

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Lola Marie has really gone and done it this time, upsetting everyone at home with her rude behavior and foul potty mouth. Her fed-up stepdad has had enough of this and won’t see his wife upset by Lola’s antics anymore. She was warned of what could happen before with promises of an early bedtime punishment. Lola never thought he would follow through with such a mean and humiliating punishment in the bathroom…

But she was wrong. She is over her step dad’s lap while he sits on the edge of the bath, receiving a scolding for her behavior as the spanking begins. Her pajama bottoms are pulled down revealing her increasingly sore bottom as the spanking increases in intensity. Once her cheeks are throbbing from the hard hand spanking, she knows what is next… And has never been mouth-soaped in her life – until now!

He ensures she gets to taste every cleansing soap bubble, and every frothy sud as he works the soap bar in and around her mouth… Coating her nasty tongue with excess soap. Lola Marie can hardly believe this is happening and this procedure is repeated 3 times, her mouth thoroughly soaped and rinsed each time. She is left alone to face herself in the mirror, one sorry-looking young lady who now has an embarrassingly early bedtime with a sore bottom and a soapy-tasting mouth as a reminder that there are consequences in this house for poor behavior!

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