Catholic Discipline HD1080 – Video

Free Video with Ashley Lane, Veronica Weston, Apricot Pitts, Misty Lovelace and Miss Bernadette, from AAA Spanking.

Ashley Lane and Veronica Weston are discovered by Matron during room check in a post-orgasmic state, completely naked and blissfully unaware of the trouble they are in. Miss Bernadette, a stout catholic matron is appalled at the sight of these two naked sluts and has no alternative but to punish them where they are lying, entwined in each other’s arms. Veronica is first to go over matron’s lap as her now tearful lover, Ashley, watches knowing she will be next. Miss Bernadette spanks both girls in anger but also has her trusty leather paddle in her pocket as each girl receives many swift, mean stinging swats turning their beautiful pale bottoms a very shameful red.

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