Tag: English Discipline

I’m Going To Make You Suffer Girl

I’m Going To Make You Suffer Girl Luna is in trouble with her Step Aunt and Uncle. She has been out all night and reeks of smoke. It has also been alleged that she has been having sex with a virtual stranger in an alleyway! Step Aunt and Step Uncle are both firm believers in…

Violet’s Ultimate Humiliation

Violet’s Ultimate Humiliation Violet is in real trouble at home and in her town and has been given a punishment by the judge to be carried out at home and it is both humiliating and soon to be very painful. Ordered to wear certain little girl clothes, she has to be respectful to Mommy Sarah….

Stepdaughter Caned At Marks & Welts

Stepdaughter Caned At Marks & Welts The second part of my stepdaughter Gemma’s punishment for shoplifting at the very store where I work. The store manager Mr. Nixon did not think the strapping I gave her was sufficient punishment and so I agreed to cane her. I gave her the first few strokes in the…

A Sweet Spanking Treat

A Sweet Spanking Treat With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Faerie Willow is having a go at Domestic Goddess – but it turns out baking isn’t exactly her forte! Rather than focus on icing her cupcakes, she finds herself swept away by an idle fantasy: skirt hitched up and smeared in frosting, if she’s going…

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