I’m Going To Make You Suffer Girl
Luna is in trouble with her Step Aunt and Uncle. She has been out all night and reeks of smoke. It has also been alleged that she has been having sex with a virtual stranger in an alleyway! Step Aunt and Step Uncle are both firm believers in corporal punishment and Luna is going to be spanked and slippered by both of them. Luna has already been spanked by her Step Auntie and slippered by her Step Uncle yet her ordeal is far from over.

Her behaviour has been atrocious, and Sarah believes that hard strokes of the cane may help her improve. Luna is left with a sore and welted bottom and still has more to endure. As her language leaves a lot to be desired, Sarah feels that she will also benefit from a nasty mouth soaping which leaves the poor girl drooling. She is then sent to bed and has to suffer the humiliation of her inner thighs and pussy being beaten with the crop whilst Step Uncle sits and watches.

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