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In Part 1 of ‘Harley’s Predicament Spanking’ Trilogy, Harley made the mistake of taking her dad’s truck out without permission and then she damaged it! Harley was sternly spanked and told that she would have to go work for his friend Dan and earn some money for the repairs. One thing that Harley didn’t want to have happen was to have to take any more punishment in the near future. Her plan was to go work for Dan, and to earn the money to fix the truck.

Unfortunately for Harley, when she arrived Dan was not home and she decided to drink some of his cheap beer. When Dan arrived home he found Harley on the floor of the bathroom sleeping off a tipsy afternoon, and that’s where Harley’s life really began to change. Dan gave her a choice when he discovered her, she could submit to him and take perverted spankings whenever he wanted, or he could tell Harley’s Dad.

And she certainly didn’t want that to happen! It would be fair to point out that Dan didn’t really like Harley, in fact he had some good reasons not to like her at all. And some very good reasons to want to punish her bare behind. With revenge on his mind, mixed with the growing pleasure of punishing the brat that had been a thorn in his side for years, Dan instructed Harley to assume the position on a bench near the end of the bed with her bottom propped up in the air.

He was going to enjoy embarrassing, humiliating, and punishing Harley, so he began with hard spankings to her bare bottom! Harley hated having to go through this, but like some of the other spankings she had taken before at school and at home. She became wet as she embraced the fear and the pain. Dan saw this and punished Harley even harder with a hairbrush, delivering rapid fire swats that couldn’t have made him more pleased!

It was clear that Dan was going to use his authority over Harley to his full advantage, while Harley would begin evaluating her true role in life and who she was becoming.

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