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Rude Arella Spanked

Rude Arella Spanked Arella Bell is sent home early in disgrace from cheer practice for being rude to the new assistant coach. Naturally, her mother has been contacted in advance and told the whole nasty truth and she is waiting on the couch for her naughty girl to arrive home. Arella lies and makes up…

Violet’s Ultimate Humiliation

Violet’s Ultimate Humiliation Violet is in real trouble at home and in her town and has been given a punishment by the judge to be carried out at home and it is both humiliating and soon to be very painful. Ordered to wear certain little girl clothes, she has to be respectful to Mommy Sarah….

Harley’s Predicament Spanking – The Hair Brush

Harley’s Predicament Spanking – The Hair Brush In Part 1 of ‘Harley’s Predicament Spanking’ Trilogy, Harley made the mistake of taking her dad’s truck out without permission and then she damaged it! Harley was sternly spanked and told that she would have to go work for his friend Dan and earn some money for the…

Spank Me Like My Stepmom Used To

Spank Me Like My Stepmom Used To – Part 1 Claire kneels before Lady Alice, confessing that she has been feeling out of sorts and needs to be put in her place. Remembering back to punishments from her step-mom that set her straight, she describes the stern maternal discipline she craves since she left home….

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