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Weeks of stretching the truth and telling flat out lies had caught up with Shy. She was instructed to wait for her step-dad in his bedroom for a punishment spanking. The young lady was pulled over his knee and given a flurry of hard smacks in her tight blue jeans. Soon the girl would have her bottom bared, and she felt the sting of the strap across her beautiful cheeks. Shy hated being punished, and on that particular afternoon there would be extra punishment, with soap!

As Shy was bent over her step-dad’s bed she prepared herself for a harsh punishment, a bar of soap was stuffed in her mouth and she was strapped! The burning sensation that her bottom felt was horrific, it was in serious pain, and on top of that she was being fully humiliated. Her lips were wrapped tightly around the soap and Shy didn’t dare drop it out of her mouth. This was truly a spanking that the untruthful girl would never forget, though once the final strap strokes landed, Shy knew that there was more discipline to come.

As her step-dad rubbed oil onto her bottom, Shy felt a small sense of comfort. Even though the hard discipline always hurt, she secretly appreciated it when he’d cool her bottom down a bit. However, the final part of Shy’s punishment that day would involve her sitting on the edge of the bed for one more mouth soaping. Could Shy turn the corner and become an honest girl, or would she be spending the rest of senior year getting her bare bottom strapped and her mouth filled with big bars of soap?

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Mr. Barton strips her of her head girl status and administers a long hard spanking strapping and caning to her bare backside.

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