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Casey’s Revenge

Casey’s Revenge – Part 1  – Video Free Video with Stevie Rose, Casey Calvert and Juliette March March from Worst Behavior Productions. The Boss (Stevie Rose) punishes naughty Casey on her very pretty backside. Casey plants spyware on the Boss’ computer discovers that the Boss filmed her spanking and masturbates while watching the video. Casey invites…

Chelsea Spanks Vicki

Chelsea Spanks Vicki – Video Free Video with Chelsea Pfeiffer and Vicki from Good Spanking Studios. Sultry Latina Vicki had done some playful, erotic spanking, but never anything like a Chelsea Spanks reality spanking session. The beautiful leggy brunette with a perfect behind managed to get through and experience a range of implements, as well….

Chelsea Spanks Mei

Chelsea Spanks! Mei – Video Free Video with Chelsea Pfeiffer and Mei Mara from Good Spanking Studios. When petite Mei arrived she was as nervous as I’ve seen. But, there was something else there, too. She’s was visually quivering in anticipation of her spanking! Mei wanted it and she wanted it bad. “I just love…

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